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New innovative machines to serve you better

Western Tires with 3 BRAND NEW machines for Car Alignment, Brake Lathe and Wheel Balancing. With these new Innovations, we will be able to serve you even better.

Improved Service

Curacao Car Services Wester Tires

Car Oil Change Service

Oil Change Curacao Western Tires

Oil Change is such a critical maintenance to keep your engine running smooth, it will last a lot more kilometers and will give less problems.

Western Tires offer modern installations, qualify personal, all parts you may need for your Oil change maintenance.

We carefully choose good quality and affordable brand parts to ensure your total comfort you may call us and schedule your appointments, our phone number is +599 9 737 0459

Wester Tires team is always ready to be proactive and try your vehicle with highest mechanic standards and off course a smile to you.

Western Tires is perfectly and strategically located at Emancipatie Blvd. 27, so you will always reach us easy from whenever point you come, Remember the best way for us to improve our service is Scheduling an appointment.

Brakes System Services

Brake Pads Curacao Wester Tires One the most critical and important system in our vehicle is the Braking System, Wester Tires Curacao has specifically focus on become a peace of mind when you need to stop

We have from brake pads, brake system parts, training personal, test lab to ensure your car will stop when you need it.

We are also ready to advise you when to came back for your next Brake System check up, so you make sure to avoid spend more money in future reparations.
We install and distribute the following Brake Parts Brands: Ferodo Brake Pads CuracaoFerodo Brake Pads Curacao Wester Tires Sangsin Wagner

Suspension Parts and Maintenance

Suspension Parts Wester Tires Curacao

Improve your Handling, increased control, better ride are just of a few advantage of keeping your car suspension in good conditions.

Western Tires has a broad suspension parts stock, thinking on satisfy your most demanding comfort.

Our highly train personal will inspect your suspension and lead to improve your vehicle riding, we have 5 easy steps to check and test car suspension.

  • bouncing
  • Vibration
  • Make sure tires are OK and no part of the problem
  • Lift your vehicle and make sure everything is working
  • Schedule your appointment calling +599 9 737-0459

    Bearings for all your needs

    Bearing Curacao Western Tires Western Tires in the search for the market supply, quickly became one of the largest distributors of bearing in the Caribbean.

    Brands are available in our stock:
    Please visit or call us, We will be ready to supply your needs with the Bearings than you need!

    Bearing Curacao Western Tires Bearings in all diameters

    Injector Cleaning & Testing

    Injector Cleaning Western Tires Curacao

    Do you know if you need to service your injectors engine?

    gasoline consumption is critical in those days, due to high prices and emissions, keeping injectors clean will improve your gas and help you save money, a smooth engine increase performance.

    Bring your car to Western Tires Curaçao, you may end riding a more smooth car and saving gas just by cleaning your injectors.

    All you need is call us at +599 9 737 0459 and Schedule your appointment, we will take care of your injectors and improve your car engine performance.

    Shocks Absorbers Testing & Replacement

    Shock Absorbers Curaçao Western Tires Usually just call a "Shock" are a critical component for your suspension system, they have the job to absorb energy and help your vehicle on uneven roads.

    Western Tires has different brands of Shock Absorbers.

    Shock absorber brands Western Tires distribute:

    KYB Shock Absorbers Curaçao Mando Shocks
    KYB Shocks