Bosch Autoparts Caribbean Distribution

Bosch‘s automotive technology is the world’s largest independent parts supplier to the automotive industry, they significantly contribute toward making driving ever safer, cleaner, and more economical.

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American Inter Trading, LLC. is an authorized distributor of Bosch, distributing from Miami to the following islands in the Caribbean; Martinique, Guadaloupe, St Lucia, Barbados, Cayman island, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, San Martin, St Vincente, Us Virgin Islands, Suriname & Jamaica

Available for distribution Bosch has an extensive product line, that American Inter Trading, LLC. is ready to bring to its customers.

Bosch products we distribute


Bosch Aero Twin

The award-winning design of Bosch distributes more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for ultimate all-season performance.


Bosch Wiper Blades

Each Super Plus wiper blade comes with the Bosch ‘Quick-Clip’ adaptor pre-mounted so they can be fitted to the vehicle within a few seconds.


Premium Power S5

S5 batteries offer high product specifications and dependable power. Bosch batteries are the premium battery brand in 104 countries in the world.


Bosch Battery

S3 batteries offer high product specifications and dependable power. Bosch batteries are the premium battery brand in 104 countries in the world.


Bosch Brake Pads

Vehicle brake systems are placed under continual and considerable strain, and are subject to constant wear. high-quality brake components.


QuietCast Brake Pads

Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads utilize innovative materials that provide full coverage for all makes and models vehicles.


Long Life Oil Filter

The Bosch Long Life Oil Filter is built to last for 10,000 miles on vehicles that use synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils Bosch Oil Filter.


Bosch Oil Filter

Bosch Workshop Oil Filters are a line of spin-on and cartridge filters specifically designed for the installer market Bosch Oil Filters.


Bosch Spark Plug

Bosch Super spark plugs feature a heavy duty yttrium enhanced copper core center electrode for superior reliability.


Spark Plug Super Plus

The spark plug provides a controlled combustion of the fuel in the engine. One of the most important components of the drive.

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Automotive Bulbs

Automotive bulbs from Bosch can be used in virtually every vehicle and are extremely versatile. Thanks to the star concept

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Headlamps and Fog Lamps

The service life of Bosch automotive bulbs is significantly longer than it is required by law, which is all down to how robust and reliable they are.