At Hankook Tire, they are rewriting the standards for tires by introducing high performance products and creative services. Experience the quality and service offered by Hankook Tire, which races across the streets of 180 countries.

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As the tire has evolved over the last 100 years, its advances have been made in parallel with the development of automobiles. Since their beginning, Hankook Tire has contributed to tire innovation and enhanced true driving emotion while putting emphasis on becoming one with the environment.

Passenger Cars 

A driver’s level of confidence changes depending on the tire he chooses. Hankook Tire’s technology and know-how combined with world-class performance, safety and durability, which ensures people’s trust and loyalty to the brand, offer a higher level of confidence and a superior driving experience. 

SUVs & Light Trucks 

Innovative technology designed for light trucks maximizes the braking power and durability of the tires. Hankook Tire offers tires for light trucks with increased resistance to damage, such as wear and cracking.

Trucks & Buses 

Hankook Tire’s TBR tires deliver optimal performance required by long-haul trucks, trailers, passenger coaches, and other large vehicles. In particular, through a unique combination of raw materials and innovative tire design, the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed across the tread. This, in turn, increases stability and improves mileage of the vehicle.


Competition tires are demonstrating Hankook Tire’s leading-edge technology through their outstanding achievements in top motorsports competitions all over the world. We are taking a major step forward in tire performance and technology, which determines the outcome of any race.